About Us


Builders Development Corporation (BDC) is a Missouri nonprofit corporation formed in 2005 to increase the production of affordable housing, and to revitalize neighborhoods, throughout the Greater Kansas City metropolitan area by applying innovative, energy-efficient and entrepreneurial business principles.

The BDC partners with members of the KC HomeBuilders Association; neighborhood residents; governments; existing organizations and funders to form a creative approach to community development and housing for workforce and/or low-income persons, families, and senior citizens.

The Builders Development Corporation is unique in its ability to provide neighborhood revitalization and affordable housing development to multiple communities throughout the region.  Of approximately 89 cities that make up Greater Kansas City, many jurisdictions are unable to financially support their own community development corporations, though they have real housing & development challenges.  The BDC is proud to provide these services to smaller jurisdictions, while at the same time working with larger communities such as Kansas City, Missouri; Kansas City, Kansas; Independence, Missouri; and Johnson County, Kansas to help meet their affordable housing needs.

To fulfill our mission, the BDC:

Promotes community redevelopment in the Kansas City, Missouri Metro area

Provides affordable home ownership opportunities for working families

Promotes the concept of affordable housing through educational and demonstration programs

Initiates innovative methods of providing affordable housing to persons and families of low and modest income

Arranges and provides acquisition, construction, sale or lease of dwellings and associated improvements, including the supervision of leased premises, and financing of all of the above

Engages in all neighborhood revitalization and educational activities that help accomplish these purposes


The BDC is an established leader in developing affordable housing throughout the Kansas City area, as evidenced by our accomplishments.


Named Housing Specialist by 8 small cities for NSP1 – Category 1 and Category 3.


Awarded 2011 HUD Best Practice Award for the Neighborhood Stabilization Program.


Partnered with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and other agencies to coordinate the 2010, 2011 & 2012 Sustainable Housing Conferences, an event which draws between 175-200 from throughout the Midwest to focus on energy-efficiency and sustainability.


Named Housing Specialist by 3 small cities for NSP3.


Named a Community Housing Development Organization for Johnson County, Kansas; the State of Kansas; and for the City of Independence, Missouri.


Workforce Housing Planning & Commissioning

The largest hindrance to successful business recruitment and retention in the United States is the lack of affordable housing to serve the demand of the workforce.

Many homebuilders and communities have ignored the need of moderately priced single-family and multi-family dwelling units in pursuit of “executive housing.” While larger square footage and higher value homes are good for the builder, real estate agent and the individuals who live in such structures, the middle or lower income residents of a community are often neglected despite the probability that these are exactly the people who keep your community moving.

Middle-income residents serve communities in careers such as public safety, government staff, retail employees and industrial labor. Sadly, some bureaucrats fail to see the vital importance of “those people.” In all reality, “those people” feed and maintain the economic vibrance of any given community.

BDC Leadership and Staff have extensive experience in attracting, planning and realizing affordable workforce housing developments. We’d love to discuss the housing needs of your community and establish a plan to better provide for the demands of your labor force.